Rosanna Boom - ter Steege

"What is my real intention to move? Following my instincts.  An honest way of moving. 

As a dancer I like to work on a strong and at the same time soft body, an adaptable body to the circumstances that it's in. Having a connection to the space, other dancers, people, audience and with yourself. To feel your surrounding and connecting with somebody else's movement and body can give me so much open space to create and dance freely. The sincere connection with the audience gives me another stage presence and sensitivity in which I can translate much better. Improvising in a duet or a group gives me different kind of movement qualities than when I would improvise on my own. Another body can challenge me to break through my own movement patterns. Being playful is key to develop. When I'm playful I'm opening up much more and seeing new opportunities and new ways to move. Movement flows without judgement, open to grow." 

Freelance dancer and performer. Studied at the Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Dance academy - Dance theater performing arts department. During her graduation she got invited to develop her own work at the young makers platform: L'avventura | productionhouse De New Vorst Tilburg. A duet, raw physical theater, in cooperation with Nine Rab under the name of makers duo: FRÄNK. The development of the performance has been coached by choreographer Jens van Daele. Later productions of FRÄNK we're shown at Festival Boulevard | Boulevard Fabrikaat  (Den Bosch) and Magneet festival Amsterdam 'Ravin' Like My Generation

After graduating in 2011 she worked amongst several others: Schweigman&; ERF (2015, 2016), HUiD (SKIN) | a cooperation with Slagwerk Den Haag (2017,2018), Kalpana Raghuraman; SIMEON | LEMNISCAATDe kwekerijDance Connects Company; [mi:t] (2018), Iris Woutera; CRACKLEWARE (2018), Happy Hour Chandelier (2018), Meli Kuhn; Kontaktzonen (2015), Schwestern (2016). 

"...Not only is Rosanna an excellent dancer, she also is very socially engaged and has the ability to work with elderly dancers with little experience in dance on a professional level. Rosanna has patience, curiosity and a big heart. She’s a dancer with personality, strength and sensitivity. She’s a wonderful person to work with and to see on stage..."  Floortje Rous | Dance Connects Company

"...I’ve been working with Rosanna this past year with great pleasure. She’s a reliable, open and talented dancer that eagerly digests new material and adapts naturally to new circumstances..."  Floortje Rous | Dance Connects Company

"...Rosanna captures a special combination of qualities: she has the capacity to reflect thoroughly onherself in every stage of preparation and performance. This makes her very sharp and precise to herself and her colleagues. You can’t go around her but is at the same time very modest, which is a great quality. She takes responsibility for herself and others which is essential for cooperation..."  Gysele ter Berg | Happy Hour Chandelier

"...Further on she is a perfectionist and has a beautiful concentration and focus..." Gysele ter Berg | Happy Hour Chandelier

"...Alongside it’s asking for patient, modesty and drive. Rosanna is capturing all these qualities. Another important value of her is that she has humor. All the above makes her my favorite dancer of the company..." Gysele ter Berg | Happy Hour Chandelier

As a teacher she developed a movement workshop focussing on partnering, composition and contactimprovisation, taught at DanceWorx Delhi India, 2018. She is an instructor at PLTS Amsterdam teaching Pilates Barre Workout and Reformer Pilates. At Jeugd Theaterschool TIJ Amsterdam she gave Movement/Dance workshops for children, 2016.

She is part of The Shed Project | TTR, a collective of five dancers in which the group serves the development of the individuals, which in turn serves the development of the collective. With a beautiful palette of differences we help each other grow, learn and see from different perspectives. We see the "shed" as a low-stakes, iterative space for creation, where one can try all kinds of ways of nailing two planks together before settling on the best method. Within The Shed Project I constantly refine again what kind of dancer I am and want to be.

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